One of the new features in the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is the Boss Challenge mode. We initially reported on it over a month ago when I got to play the game, but I wanted to provide a more in-depth look at what it provides. In particular, I wanted to talk about the Boss Gauntlet mode.

It appears I gave some false information when stating that it was not accessible until after you defeat the Master Quest. Truth is, you can access the boss challenge after completing the Forest Temple, and the boss gauntlet after completing the Spirit Temple. It also turns out that the Gauntlet has a lot more to it than you think. I’ve provided a bullet point guide as to how you can access the boss challenge, the boss gauntlet, and what differences there are in the Master Quest version. The Master Quest version of the gauntlet is just absolutely insane. You only get 3 hearts, the bosses do double the amount of damage, you have no sure way of recovering health between battles, and you’ve got to make it through all 8 of the dungeon bosses! Find out more information after the jump.

How to Access Boss Challenge Mode?

  • After you have defeated the Forest Temple and returned to the Temple of Time, you will find Shiek waiting for you. Speak to him and he mentions that you can now return to your tree house in Kokiri Forest and relive boss battles from the past. If you return to the tree house, speak to your bed and you’ll have this option. You can only fight bosses that you have already defeated thus far in the game. So initially, only Queen Gohma, King Dodongo, Barinade, and Phantom Ganon will be accessible.

How Does the Boss Challenge Work?

  • Once you select a boss to relive the battle with, you’ll immediately be taken to the boss arena. The battle works just as it did when you initially faced off with the boss. However, you are now limited to the minimum number of possible hearts, as if you’ve never gotten any piece of hearts. So you’ll have 3 heart containers against Queen Gohma, 4 against King Dodongo, 5 against Barinade, and so on and so sorth.
  • Additionally, you have a limited number of items available, depending on the battle. For example, against Volvagia you’ll have the quiver with 30 arrows, the megaton hammer, and a bottle with red potion. We’ll be providing a complete listing of everything that is provided for you for each boss battle soon.
  • After you defeat each boss, it will update how many times you have defeated each boss, as well as the best time it took you to defeat them.

What is the Boss Gauntlet and How Do you Access It?

  • After you have completed up through the Spirit Temple, you now can gain access to the Boss Gauntlet.
  • You need to play the Boss Challenge and beat each of the bosses one additional time to unlock the Boss Gauntlet.
  • The Boss Gauntlet will fill the 9th and final spot of the Boss Challenge mode.
  • The Boss Gauntlet begins with Queen Gohma and you will have Five Hearts of health.
  • After defeating a boss, two treasure chests will appear. You can only open one them and you’ll get a wide variety of items. This could be additional slingshot ammo, deku nuts, bombs, the longshot, or even a full heart container.
  • Afterwards you step into the portal and it immediately takes you to the next boss battle without recovering your health or restoring any of your items.
  • After completing the entire boss gauntlet, it will record the time it took you to complete the entire gauntlet.

What is different in the Master Quest Boss Challenge?

  • The Master Quest changes from the regular game crosses over to the Boss Challenge. Meaning, all bosses will do double the amount of damage each time they hit Link.
  • All child battles limit Link to 3 heart containers, while all adult boss battles limit Link to 5 heart containers.
  • There are no recovery tools in the Master Quest. In the regular quest boss challenge, you occasionally had bottles filled with red or blue potion, depending on the boss. These are not available at all in the Master Quest.

What about the Master Quest Boss Gauntlet?

  • Instead of starting the Gauntlet with 5 full heart containers like in the regular quest, you will only have 3 full heart containers.
  • Three heart containers, all bosses do double the amount of damage, and you don’t get any certain recovery between battles.

After having read this post… I sure hope it makes my previous video argument that Ocarina of Time 3D offers more to the hardcore Zelda fan than you think. Seriously, this boss gauntlet is just insane and core Zelda fans are going to have a feast with it. It’s everything a Zelda fan would ever want from an epic challenge.

Ocarina of Time 3D is set for release tomorrow here in the United States. If you are in Europe or Japan, the game is already available in stores! If you need any help, be sure to check out our full Ocarina of Time Walkthrough as well as our Ocarina of Time Boss Guide for the boss challenge mode.

Thanks to our friends at Link’s Hideaway for helping me with this information.