During my hands on experience with Ocarina of Time 3D, I was told explicitly prior to the event that no video cameras were allowed at all. However, it looks like with the all the footage coming out of European gaming sites… this was not the case at all for Nintendo of Europe. In this video we have 12 minutes of Master Quest gameplay. This includes Link running around in Hyrule Field, the mirrored Market, the Temple of Time, putting on the iron boots, battling with King Dondongo, and more. The mirrored game really throws me, especially at the 4:52 mark where the video is just outside of the Temple of Time.

Overall, it’s nice to see some of these goodies in video form. A lot of what is shown in the video is exactly what I got to see as part of the demo I played last Monday. You can see the boss challenge, the mirrored master quest, and the new inventory controls. The new Visions mode was not shown in this video, but almost everything else was.

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Source: 10do.de via Zelda Informer

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