Tingle is a short, rotund 35 year-old man who dresses up in a skin-tight green outfit and red bootyshorts. He’s completely obsessed with “forest fairies” and makes a living drawing maps. Not surprisingly, his father disapproves of the lifestyle that Tingle has decided to live, and often refers to him as “a fool.” Looks like Tingle’s troubles run deep. Think you have problems in your life? Think of Tingle before you complain next time.

Tingle and Twilight Princess‘s Falbi were featured in OC Weekly‘s “FUGLY!: The Ugliest Video Game Characters of All Time” alongside Super Mario’s Birdo, Mileena and Baracka from the Mortal Kombat series, Boogerman, Soul Calibur‘s Voldo, and a host of other uglies capable of making Tori Spelling flinch. Considering Sam Cassell was included in the NBA Street series, how he didn’t take at least five of the top spots is beyond me.

Spotted at GoNintendo.

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