For nearly 20 years, OverClocked ReMix has been home to some of the internet’s best video game remixes and fan arrangements. And while almost every game series under the sun has found itself represented by this long-standing community, The Legend of Zelda holds a special place among the site’s musicians and listeners. A top-notch Zelda remix was how I first discovered the site in fact. Earlier this month OC ReMix released Mirror Image: A Link to the Past ReMixed as its 63rd free community arrangement album, featuring a collection of breathtaking arrangements inspired by the classic SNES Zelda title in honor of its 25th anniversary.

Mirror Image contains eighteen original arrangements inspired by Koji Kondo’s legendary work on A Link to the Past. Featuring some of the biggest names in the remixing scene, the album covers an eclectic range of musical genres, from EDM to jazz to progressive rock. And with a clear affection for the source material and OC ReMix’s trademark stamp of quality, this collection should be essential listening for any Zelda fan.

Mirror Image: A Link to the Past ReMixed is available now for download right here, alongside information about the talented artists and arrangers that made the album a reality. As with most OC ReMix releases, the album is free of charge, but I highly encourage you to consider supporting the team on Patreon. And of course, visit OverClocked ReMix for more great music.

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Source: OverClocked ReMix

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