dkcFirst there was Kong in Concert. Then we got Serious Monkey Business. Now, the prolific video game musician community known as OverClocked ReMix is coming together again to wrap up their musical take on the Donkey Kong Country trilogy with Double the Trouble!. And, as the name implies, this new album is bigger and badder than both of the previous ones, combining the soundtracks from the original game and its GBA version to boast a whopping 77 songs from 69 different artists!

If that wasn’t enough for you Donkey Kong fans, then it’s worth knowing that one of those artists is the composer of the original games, David Wise himself. He has contributed instrumental performances as well as a brand new composition to the table. And, as always, the album is entirely free. So clear some space on your hard drive, and go listen to this new spin on Dixie and Kiddy’s classic adventure.

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