Ganon and Link in Original Legend of Zelda

This superb piece of fan art comes to us from TsaoShin on DeviantART, depicting Link facing Ganon in The Original Legend of Zelda. Come inside for the full-size image, and this is what the author had to say:

Gannon, the Prince of Darkness, faces Link in the final chamber of Death Mountain from the original Legend of Zelda.

As an ‘80s kid, few things were more important to me than Legend of Zelda. I was Link for many Halloweens and I often created “dungeons” out of couch cushions and blankets around our house. Hyrule was a constant source of inspiration for drawings which continues even today… (more inside)

This scene is when you first enter Gannon’s (not a typo) chamber and Link holds the completed Triforce above him. During my first play through of the game, my hands were sweaty when I saw this final boss after hours of navigating his maze-like dungeon (no Gamefaqs back then!).

I took liberties in the design here so in b4 omg inaccurate 😛 I borrowed a lot of Gannon’s design off his more recent incarnations.


Ganon and Link in Original Legend of Zelda

Source: DeviantART (GoNintendo)

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