We all love us a good Zelda boss fight. They can wind up being some of the more iconic moments when playing through a game in the franchise. The problem is that where there are great Zelda bosses, there are also ones that we absolutely cannot stand. Take for instance this list of some of the most disliked bosses in series history.

In a collaboration between Dr. Wily and Zeldamaster, we’re given a top 10 list of not only the worst Zelda bosses in series history, but also the most hated. This list ranges from the earliest in the series, to the most recent. What they consider the most hated/worst include bosses like Master Kohga (Breath of the Wild), Flame Dancer (Ocarina of Time), Gohma (The Wind Waker), Wizzrobe (Majora’s Mask), and of course Moldorm (A Link to the Past).

There number one overall most hated Zelda boss goes to The Imprisoned from Skyward Sword. According to Zeldamaster, this boss is mainly deemed the worst mainly because of the fact that you have to defeat him three times. Not only that, but you feel pressured each and every time you fight The Imprisoned as you have to ensure he doesn’t escape the Sealed Grounds before time runs out.

This doesn’t help the fact that with every new fight, The Imprisoned has more ways of escaping. It even becomes a waiting game with him, having to rinse and repeat the process of sealing him away again. Zeldamaster also mentions how this creature is supposed to be a wild, beastly form of Demise, but comes off as a bit of a joke when you can easily topple it by destroying its toes.

What do you think of this top 10? Did your most hated/worst Zelda boss make this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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