North Castle Update

Our friends over at North Castle have recently made their usual monthly update. In this months update another round of fan fiction stories and fan artwork are available. In addition to the usual additions, they have also received a new addition in their ‘Top 10 Lists’ section. These top 10 lists are fan submitted lists of various topics ranging from “Top Ten Things Link Fears More Than Ganon” and “Top 10 Things Tingle could have said when he first met Link in Majora’s Mask.” They are definitely something that any Zelda fan can enjoy. You can even submit your own top 10 list to North Castle if you’d like.

North Castle Top 10 Lists

Listed below are a few more pieces of artwork that I have picked out. All these pieces are from artists who have recently submitted artwork to North Castle.

First Born by �l�an
Modern Link by Eradose
Linebeck by Felkatil
The Standard-Bearer by Dark Link

The ‘First Born’ image is rather interesting to me. Shows a sign of Ganondorf that we rarely get to see. I think ‘The Standard-Bearer’ is an amazing piece of artwork. The level of detail to the stalfos, Dark Link, and Ganon are great. I love how the stalfos even have boots. It really is a great piece of fan artwork.

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