Skyward Sword's Gold Wii Remote Plus

This is something folks have been wondering about since E3. Nintendo announced that a special gold Wii Remote Plus would be bundled with Skyward Sword in honor of Zelda’s 25th Anniversary. But Skyward Sword also requires a Nunchuk for gameplay, thus raising the question: Will Zelda fans see a matching gold Nunchuk. The answer: no. Why, you may ask. Follow me inside for the explanation, straight from the lips of the Regginator himself.

We looked into it. It was a little more bling than I think the average consumer was looking for.Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo of America

So, no gold Nunchuk for you. It’s really not fair for the Nunchuk, seeing as the Wii Remote Plus and Classic Controller get to be gold while it doesn’t. Plus, this is really going to bother me. I am semi-OCD about things matching. The black Wii Remote has to get a Black Nunchuk, the white one gets a white Nunchuck. I may have to just not use this Remote because it’ll drive me crazy…

Source: Kotaku

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