It appears roughly 600 people waited all night long until 8AM yesterday to get a chance to purchase the Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition Bundle… and many had to leave empty handed. While Nintendo hasn’t released any exact figures (nor does it seem they plan too), people who waited in line and ended up not getting a copy estimated that anywhere between 300 and 500 people were able to get their hands on it. So at least half who showed up did get their hands on what has now become quickly the rarest of all special edition Zelda bundles in North America.

Behold: this is now one of the rarest items for your Zelda collection… that is, if you want the true North American version and not one from Europe or Japan.

A lot of people are very upset at Nintendo of America for how limited this bundle really is, but it’s safe to say that for anyone who bought it – you would indeed be silly to ever open the box if you care about preserving value. Due to how limited this bundle is, many years down the road it is going to be worth a ton. There is already one bundle on eBay that has 25 bids, with the top bid currently at $355. I know folks hate when people buy products only to resell them right away, but in this case it’s hard to argue otherwise. This is now going to be one of the rarest items in anyone’s Zelda collection.

Nintendo clearly left money on the table with this bundle, so one has to wonder if this is going to be a regular thing or if they are going to learn any lessons from it. Time will tell. All I know is that, according to Arstechnica, a lot of people are not too happy about it. Me? It’s probably going to be one of the last items I add to my collection many years down the road, and I have a feeling it may cost me north of $1000 to get my hands on a never opened, sealed box, copy of it. But it will be mine… some day.

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