No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again launches soon, in about 24 hours in Japan. And the game’s creator, Suda51, took to Twitter today talk about a special shirt the game’s protagonist will be able to collect and wear. Presented in a tweet with the caption “24  hours remain,” the shirt prominently features Link from Majora’s Mask. Attentive players will remember these words from Majora’s Mask, shown on the last of three days that drive the game’s mechanics.

Suda51 is one of the more eccentric game developers, but one I follow him with great interest. The man has made some quirky titles, and I’m pretty thrilled he’s still going strong. The original No More Heroes was an interesting experience, and this nod to Zelda is highly welcomed.

Are you planning to deck Travis Touchdown out in Zelda threads? Let us know down below!

Source: Twitter (via NintendoLife)

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