Hey all, I’m sad to say that there will be no Live Stream here today. After some unforeseen events occurred the last several days, my time at the website has been cut short and I’ve been unable to do some final testing and promotion of the live stream. Late last night, I began testing in preparation for the Live Stream, only to run into some trouble with various hardware components. Most notably my capture cards inability to actually stream onto my computer. After messing with it for a good four hours late last night, preparing for it, it just wouldn’t work properly. I had similar problems during the last marathon stream, but I was able to get it working on my significantly less powerful laptop, which allowed me to move forward. However, that laptop is now temporary out of action as it is in need of repair. Nevertheless, the best bet is to hold off, let me fix or replace this capture card, and get things rolling… next week.

Thus, the Live Stream will take place next Sunday, August 29th, starting at the same originally scheduled time, 11:00am US Central Time. (9am US Pacific, 12pm US Eastern, 4pm UTC). There is going to be live commentary, a live interactive chatroom in which you can ask us questions, and of course the live gameplay stream of me playing Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon. See you all then and my apologies for those that were prepared to see this right here today.

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