Nintendo of America just updated their website with a section devoted entirely to 3DS. The site’s currently under construction, so you might run into some typos and “coming soon”s here and there, but with the 3DS being one of their most talked-about handheld launches ever you can bet they’ll be fleshing it out with more content as time goes on. Let’s preview what they’ve got to show.

From the main hub, there are five subsections. One currently unfinished link will eventually provide locations and times for 3DS public trial events to be held throughout the country. (I hear there’s one in LA, so I may just have to stop by to try out Ocarina 3D, school permitting of course.) Right next to that, there’s a hardware overview, where you can get in-depth information about things like the extendable stylus, the 3D Depth Slider, as well as StreetPass and SpotPass.

Next you can check out the 3DS’s onboard software, including the Mii Creator, AR games using the 3D camera, the Internet browser, and more. Of course, they also have a preview page for game software, with our beloved Ocarina of Time displayed proudly in the header. (Unfortunately, this page also reminds us that some of our most-anticipated titles’ release dates are still TBD… On the flip side, however, the description at the top of the page suggests that these titles should all release sometime in Spring! But we can’t let ourselves get too excited until it’s in stone.)

Last but not least, there’s a video section showing off cheesy videos of people’s reactions to the 3DS’s 3D technology, as well as developer interviews and game trailers (many of which we’ll be bringing and discussing shortly).

It’s about time! And with the 3DS’s release date just two months and some change away, we’re bound to find out more information about more distant release dates n’ such in due time.

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