Cause you're not hardcore, unless you live hardcore!And it’s about damn time. Don’t get me wrong, my Wii and I have had a good run together, but one can only live on first party Nintendo titles for so long. And yes, there’ve been some pretty awesome third party games, like the No More Heroes series, Okami, and Tatsunoko Vs Capcom, but many of these games don’t compete with their Xbox and PS3 counterparts. Looks like Nintendo is finally learning their lesson about how important the hardcore crowd is. Take a look at what Katsuya Eguchi has to say.

With the Wii, we wanted to bring in as many new users as possible and have them experience the games, but as a consequence, I think a lot of the core gamers felt that it wasn’t for them, and they started moving away. With the new console and the new controller, we definitely want to bring core gamers back and create new gamers as well. So, with the Wii U, we hope that the players who were introduced to gaming for the first time on the Wii will step it up and become core gamers themselves.

What’s going to be really interesting is how Nintendo is going to try to sway these new gamers they created into buying something that isn’t Wii Sports related. My own personal experiences with people who fit into this demographic haven’t really shown any interest in purchasing games that didn’t require you to shake the wiimote around or stand on the balance board. I’ve even tried coaxing them to join the dark side of gaming by getting Mario Kart Wii Or New Super Mario Bros. Wii . So far no dice. It’ll be fun to see what Nintendo has in store for them.

So, what about the “core” crowd? We all know they’re referring to the hardcore gamers out there. With their crazy PS360 systems, and online gaming headsets. The Wii U already seems to be heading in the right directing for getting the attention of the big name third parties. As we’ve reported, Valve has shown interesting in the Wii U, and yeah, that’s awesome. Combine that with what we were shown at E3 and I think Nintendo might be able to grab the attention of all those people who’ve abandoned them for other consoles.

Now, all we need is a good online system, and third party games that aren’t just ports of what’s already out on the PS360 and we’ll be good to go. What about you guys out there? Do you think Nintendo is going to get back the core gamer? What else do you think they need to improve upon? Are you considering getting a Wii U? Leave some comments and tell me what you think!

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