There is some great stuff in this interview with Reggie, namely that Nintendo is still going to push more Wii content this year and that they feel very strongly that games such as Skyward Sword are going to prove that the Wii still has some life left. Nothing too notable there outside of some standard PR responses the rest of the way. That is, of course, until we get to the end when Reggie directly addresses Nintendo’s plans for the 25th anniversary of Zelda. While he wouldn’t release any information on it, he did note that it will be different than what Nintendo did for Mario. If you recall, Mario got a new release of Mario All Stars along with some neat art books and I believe a music CD in a limited edition collectors box set.

So what will Nintendo be doing this time around? On one hand I am very thrilled it will be different, because I think the Zelda fan base is different than the Mario fan base, and clearly we tend to expect something “new” instead of just a collectors disc. We also know a lot of content has been cut out of previous games, so is it possible Miyamoto is working on incorporating cut content into previous games as a collectors pack? That certainly would be good reason for Miyamoto to skip out on GDC, since that is where Iwata confirmed Miyamoto was back in japan presently working on the 25th anniversary surprise that is intended to please every single Zelda fan out there.

Now that we know it wont just be the same celebration Mario got it really leaves the door wide open. What do you think Nintendo has up it’s sleeve for Zelda’s 25th?

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