Nintendo Power magazine’s website just released a preview scan of its 267th issue that includes a couple of the pages of its Ocarina of Time 3D feature. There are some new screens included, but they’re watermarked so we’re going to wait for a clean copy (and access to the full article) before we add them to our screenshots page.

Some of these screens are old, but there are just as many that are brand-spanking new. We get our first look at Kakariko Village in the bottom-left screen – check out the added detail on those buildings – as well as another shot of a house interior (still looking spiffy) on the next page. Also on the right side, we see Link fighting a Lizalfos as well as our first look at how we’ll be playing the Ocarina in this game – either with the face buttons as seen in the screenshot or with the Touch Screen, as the magazine reports.

As I said before, we’ll get up the screens as standalones once we get clean, unmarked pics of them, so stay tuned for those in the near future.

Source: Nintendo Power via GoNintendo

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