Donkey and Diddy Kong

  • Cranky Kong is the only returning kong in the game besides Donkey and Diddy
  • Cranky runs a shop and often makes sarcastic remarks over what you buy
  • Squawks is at the shop as well
  • Six world
  • Tikis are part of the “Tiki Tak Tribe”
  • one Tiki tries to possess DK at the start of the game, only to get sent flying
  • widescreen
  • worlds have alternate paths, allowing you to skip levels
  • Unlockable concept art, music, and dioramas
  • Each world has a “trophy level” that must be earned to play
  • Each world also has one locked level that you must purchase a key for at Cranky’s shop
  • Levels where you fly using a rocket barrel. Press A to ascend, release to descend

I have to say I am definitely excited for this one. Props to GoNintendo for the report.

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