Aren't they beautiful?Nintendo of America recently sent out a letter to fan John Cogner regarding their stance on the localization of the three big JRPGs that aren’t coming to America. Their response was quite similar to what they wrote on facebook a few weeks back. This isn’t really surprising, as I think many people have come to terms with the fact that we may not be getting any of these games, at least not any time soon. The biggest tease is that we’ve seen a few stories pop up about how The Last Story’s U.S. trademark has received a notice of allowance (which means it went through a 30 day period where any other company would challenge Nintendo’s trademark on the name of the game.) I also think that if Nintendo was planning to release these games, they’d probably do it in some sort of press event, instead of making an announcement on facebook or to someone using snail mail. Here’s the letter they sent to John.

Here's a letter for you

Haha, Sissy.

I’m sure many of you are still disappointed at the fact that we may never see these games hit American soil, and I feel your pain. We must remember though, Nintendo of America is making sure to look out for their best interests, even if it doesn’t match our own.

So, how are you all feeling about this? Have you given up hope? Do you not really care? How many of you plan to import the UK release? Speak your minds.

Source: My Nintendo News

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