OoT3D_Apr13_03.pngA few minutes ago, Nintendo of America Tweeted that a new Ocarina of Time 3D trailer will debut tomorrow – but to view it, it seems as though we’ll have to complete some kind of “quest.” No details about exactly what this task will consist of have been given yet, but we’ll be looking to see what they have to say at 1:30pm PST tomorrow!

Part of me wonders whether this “exclusive trailer” is just the teaser that’s been going around Europe recently, but I’ll go ahead and give them the benefit of the doubt until we find out for sure. Check back tomorrow for more details on how to watch, but for now, look at the full Tweet below:

Calling all Zelda fans! Tmrw we’ll announce a #Zelda3D QUEST to reveal an exclusive trailer at 1:30pm PT. B on the lookout for more details!

Source: NintendoAmerica Twitter, via GoNintendo

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