We reported a few days ago that Nintendo of America registered a domain listing for Xenoblade Chronicles, coinciding with the announcement of a localized version coming to Europe. While of course Nintendo of America is the primary HQ for Nintendo’s operations in the entire Western world and the move may have nothing to do with an American release, we’re taking it as a good sign that Xenoblade Chronicles is going to hop over to America after the localization work in Europe is finished.

Those of us who have been hoping for the same treatment for the recently-released The Last Story can breathe a little easier, since a new report reveals that NoA has also registered a domain for The Last Story. However, and I want to make this clear: this is by no means confirmation of a Western release for The Last Story. There are a number of possible reasons why Nintendo would register a dot-com domain for The Last Story even without a localization in the works, such as to preserve the domain from being used by others.

Nonetheless, with Iwata having gone on record to say that the West is going to be getting a lot of titles that never got localized to fill what would otherwise be a software drought during the early part of the year, I think it’s safe to guess that this year’s going to be a good one for RPGs that are still waiting to come to the West.

Source: WarpZoned

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