With all the momentum behind Nintendo’s first-party releases leading up to the 3DS, it’s a bit surprising to see that there seems to be nothing to see for April according to Nintendo Japan’s official release calendar. Nintendo previously promised that there would be no shortages of software for the 3DS, leading us to believe that they’ve got to be waiting to announce something at GDC later this week. And since we doubt it’s a completely new game announcement…

Could it be that Ocarina of Time 3D is going to arrive in Japan this April? After all, it’s the only first-party 3DS title slated for a “Spring 2011” release besides Pilotwings Resort. Moreover, what does that mean for Skyward Sword, which we know is going to hit the market afterwards? And what about all those new Wii titles we heard about at the latest investors’ meeting, such as Kirby or Pandora’s Tower? Personally I’m hoping this gets cleared up at Iwata’s keynote on Wednesday. And if I had to hedge my bets, with the keynote’s title of “Video Games Turn 25: A Historical Perspective and Vision for the Future,” it sounds exactly like the right environment for news about a remake of an old classic and an innovative new step in a 25-year-old franchise.

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