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Motion_Controls_Musthave.jpgMore refined motion controls are the top must-have for Nintendo’s upcoming console according to a recent poll conducted by IndustryGamers. They’re even in higher demand than HD graphics and a robust online system, which comes as a bit of a surprise given that these are the two areas typically considered to be the Wii’s weakest. Also a shocker: almost no one seems to be most excited about the rumored built-in controller touch screen, which if it’s to be the upcoming controller’s biggest innovation doesn’t bode well for Nintendo. Then again, this is a poll – how much could it possibly mean?

Nonetheless, here’s a full breakdown of the poll percentages as of now, if you’re curious to see exactly how everything stacks up:

  • HD graphics on par or superior to PS3/Xbox 360 21.94% (433 votes)
  • A super robust online network and digital marketplace 16.01% (316 votes)
  • Augmented reality features 19.4% (383 votes)
  • Touch screen controllers/New innovative play interface 8.36% (165 votes)
  • Improved motion control 27.96% (552 votes)
  • I have no interest in Nintendo’s next console 3.6% (71 votes)
  • Other: 2.74% (54 votes)

Total Votes: 1,974

As you can see, motion control clearly is king, beating out everything else by a significant margin. HD graphics aren’t too far behind, but what interests me is that AR is ahead of online functionality – another sign that the 3DS’s AR is really a hit? But as for the touch screen – less than 10% of those polled seemed to be most excited about it. I lend this to most Wii owners probably realizing that the potential for motion control hasn’t been exhausted yet (we’ve had, what, four Wii Motion Plus only titles, and two more on the way?).

Only a few were most intrigued by something in another category- some of the write-ins included hard drive support, Cloud storage, and backwards compatibility, to name a few. Still, with a lot of gamers possibly not ready to move on from the innovations the Wii brought, I have to wonder whether introducing a completely new controller is a wise move at this point. I’m sure many gamers would actually enjoy a true “Wii 2,” where the biggest leaps were in technology while the core software stuck largely to the existing Wii philosophy – but that doesn’t seem to be the direction in which we’re headed.

I’m curious to see where the interest lies after Project Café is finally officially revealed at E3.

Source: IndustryGamers via GoNintendo

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