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Nintendo eShop Downloads on Thursdays

Did you wake up Monday morning and check in on the eShop, only to find no new games or downloads? Well, I did, and now I know why. Nintendo has moved the download updates to Thursdays instead of Mondays for those of us who live in North America. I sort of missed that little memo, so for those who missed it too, now you know. Why did they change it?

I don’t really know, but it seems that Nintendo is making a few small changes. Some people thought a list of games would be coming up on Monday, but the list of new downloads won’t come up until the downloads themselves are up. I really hope for a few more 3D classics besides Excitebike. I’ve already pretty much remastered it, and have beaten Link’s Awakening as well. So I’m a little excited to see what will be available. That being said, expect a list of new downloads tomorrow morning, or as soon as they put them up.

Now that some of you have had a taste of the eShop, what are some of your thoughts on the 3D classics? What do you want to see?

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