It’s hard to believe that E3 is just a month away. With it coming around the corner it’s as good of a time as ever to start previewing and discussing what exactly Nintendo is going to do at E3. Naturally Project Cafe is dominating the discussion on GT’s Bonus Round and for good reason: No matter what happens at E3 most people are only going to want to talk about Project Cafe, especially if it’s playable. Of course, we’re going to see a ton of 3DS software that is going to come out the rest of the year to help push sales, and naturally we’ll see “something” for Wii software as well (Skyward Sword, Kirby, etc). Still in the end, it’s really all about Cafe.

Nintendo is in a very interesting situation right now. They appear to be aiming back at the core audience, but is the Wii 2 going to be able to keep up in the next generation? We’ll see, but for now I’ll let all of you do the talking. What do you think Nintendo is going to do at E3?

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