XenobladeOne of our new writers, Tom Vivo, posted what can only be described as a nerd rant very early this morning talking about how he is pretty much super pissed off that The Last Story, Xenoblade, and Pandora’s Tower aren’t coming to the states. His reasoning for being mad is understandable – we all are feeling the pain. We’ve been supporting Xenoblade, as an example, almost since we expanded past the Zelda realm last year. Trust me, I am not one happy camper, and I am even less happy that Nintendo of America wont give us a reason as to why they have decided against it. Usually you can find that reason hidden in their responses, but this time it’s just simply been a no, without any talk about it. If it’s about sales, localizing, or anything else… they could at least hint at it.

That being said, just because Nintendo reiterated what they said in regards to Xenoblade not being at E3 doesn’t mean the movement stops here. Tom asks “where do we go from here” – we simply continue to support Operation Rainfall. We continue to plead with Nintendo, and we continue to simply not let the topic die. The longer we can keep this being a big issue for Nintendo of America, the more likely it is they have to finally give a better response than just no. Keeping it at the top of the Amazon best selling list, getting the titles at the top of the amazon wish list, and keeping the topic so hot that all major sites that get a chance to talk to Nintendo of America the rest of the year ask them the questions we need asked about it, the more likely Nintendo will eventually give in.

A lot has been said in the previous post about our integrity, why we exist, and how we’re insulting Nintendo. It was a rant, it happens. People are going to rage over it – it happens. Other sites have done the same thing – they aren’t hurting their chances of going back to Nintendo’s E3 Conference. To be completely honest, the pissed off reactions, like that post, are more so due to the faith Nintendo is losing in it’s core audience.

That is completely unrelated to the release of these 3 games. The non release is just the tip of hte iceberg, and truly I want these games to come not just because it’s in the best interest for Nintendo, but because I don’t want people in america to be forced to pirate the games. It’s illegal, and we shouldn’t have to resort to that. However, these titles are getting such high praise that it’s well understood why we want to simply experience them first hand.

The faith wasn’t even lost because of the lack of HD. The faith was lost, or started to get lost, when Nintendo became the only “serious” publisher for their platform making great games. Microsoft and Sony themselves do not produce more core titles than Nintendo does. However, they have more exclusive third party contracts, and more multiplatform support than Nintendo. This means that, in general, PC’s, 360’s, and PS3’s do generally get more core titles than the Wii.

That’s really where this faith wavers. Even back during the GCN years, at least we could point to some epic games from third parties. Be it Resident Evil 4, Eternal Darkness, or one of 20 other great games. Of course, the GCN didn’t do great in sales, but there are too many other factors playing into that.

I support Nintendo on the whole. The fact they have these 3 great RPG’s on the Wii as exclusives is amazing. This almost never happens, especially in a world where many would think the crowd for that is “in another console”. I think the fact no one expected these to exist is what is driving this demand. No one thought we would get games like this on the Wii, and now that they exist were all pretty pissed off.

Nintendo is fine. They will continue to be fine. Sure, there isn’t much the rest of the year to look forward to, but I have already begun saving for Wii U. Nintendo is letting the Wii die with a couple games to bid it farewell. Skyward Sword for the super core audience, and then Wii Kirby for the platforming lovers. Would I love to get even just Xenoblade if nothing else? Sure, and I will continue to ask, continue to criticize, and continue to support the fan movement. However, I’m not going to lose all my faith in Nintendo of America.

After all, in Reggie I trust. Maybe it’s a pipe dream, but I think they must have something in store already for these titles, and some of that could be Wii U related. Like I said, a pipe dream, but let me have my fun alright? What can I say, “my body is ready” for the disappointment of not getting these games, and I am still eagerly waiting for the Wii U. That way I can stop buying some of my favorite games on other consoles, sell them off, and use all that money towards Wii U support. Truly, 3rd parties will make or break the Wii U for me, and as long as Nintendo does it right… I’ll be okay. Xenoblade can wait. Even if I don’t want it to wait for it myself.

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