Spot on definition.Let me just start by saying that I’m not really happy with Nintendo right now. Its been awhile since there’s been a major title on the Wii that I actually cared about. Right now the only title I’m looking forward to is Skyward Sword. I was looking forward to Xenoblade, but not anymore. Nintendo’s comment on the localization of The Last Story, Xenoblade, and Pandora’s Tower really took the wind out of my fanboy sails.

After days of waiting for a response, Nintendo pretty much said “Thanks guys! But your game is in another country!” So where do we go from here? Like I said, the only game I really care about right now for my Wii is Skyward Sword. Maybe the new Kirby game coming out, but that’s it. I’m just so tired of getting all this garbage shovel-ware and maybe a decent title once or twice a year. Nintendo said they wanted to bring back core gamers, and the localization of these three titles would have been a good way to start.

Now I know some of you are going to start going off about Nintendo has core games and yeah, they do, but not enough. Not nearly enough as Sony or Microsoft. Those of you who own more than one console know this, and this is why our Wii’s sit around and collect dust. Those of you who refuse to buy anything other than a Nintendo product need to expand their horizons, and maybe stop suckling Nintendo’s big warm teat for a bit. Seriously, its okay to knock the big N every once in awhile. They need to hear that they’re disappointing their fans, and they need to listen to what their fans want for a change. Hell, if you check their Facebook page right now there’s over 3,500 comments of people who aren’t too happy with how they’ve handled this whole thing. I hope they’re ready to deal with the backlash, this is only tip of the iceberg.

Also, why the hell isn’t Nintendo sticking with their whole “we take risks” mantra? Seriously, take your chances. I’m sure Xenoblade would sell a shit-ton more copies than Wii Music did. They took a huge risk on that flop, didn’t they? This whole situation is just ridiculous.

Alright, I’m feeling better. What about all you lovely people of the internet? Are you pissed off that Nintendo pretty much gave you the finger? Are you going to continue as planned with Operation Rainfall? Do you not care? Do you disagree with me? It’s fine if you do, I don’t really care. Either way, leave a comment and unleash some nerd rage.

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