Some of you may remember Jarvis, others maybe not, but he is our resident YouTube video man who handles our Lets Play series for The Wind Waker. He has decided to start a new series exclusive to us that involves essentially an early Lets Play introduction to several non Zelda Nintendo classics.

Donkey Kong Country is one of the all time greatest games ever to be made in my opinion. To understand it’s greatness, one just has to look into the recently released Donkey Kong Country Returns to quickly see a ton of influence from the original. This is back during what is often referred to as Rare’s Golden Age. One can really only hope that Rare eventually returns to Nintendo and that the Gold Age can have a second act. While it’s unlikely due to present contract situations, it’s still possible. Either way, enjoy the feature and feel free to suggest some more classics to do these of 20 minute intros to in the comments!

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