Nintendo really got us in for a treat for Mario’s 25th anniversary. They have released pictures of various new hardware flavors that they’ll be releasing in Japan soon, although the chances are high that all of these will see the light of day in the western world as well. In case you don’t own a Wii yet, and / or are a bull, then this is the right time to buy one of then.

  • Red Wii
    • Wii Super Mario 25th Anniversary Edition
    • Includes a red console and red Wiimote Plus
    • Preloaded with a special version of the original Super Mario Bros
    • Some graphics have been changed to celebrate 25 years of Mario
    • Due out November 11th for ¥20,000
  • Black & White DSi
    • Black DSi comes with Pokémon Black
    • White DSi comes with Pokémon White
    • Due out November 20 for ¥19,800
  • Blue Wiimote
    • Wiimote Plus bundle on Nov. 11th
    • Blue Wiimote Plus included for ¥5,800

[Source: Paul Gale Network]

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