See, that’s dedication folks. He’s not standing in line to ensure he gets a 3DS – he like the rest of the people wanting it at launch pre-ordered and paid it off. He’s standing there out of pure Nintendo launch tradition. He just has to be first, because that’s how you do it. I find it interesting that he’s having so many issues – he’s not holding up any other line, and frankly it’s the only sure fire way to ensure your first.

Long standoffs have happened elsewhere, and if I can get a chance I’ll take some pictures at my local GameStop. Last time I drove by there were already 12 people waiting in line for the 3DS. We naturally have less problems given we’re not nearly as populated as New York, but the bottom line is that wait lines, outside of hoping to get something you forgot to pre-order, is more of a gaming tradition at this point. It’s a launch party, and you want to be towards the front or you miss out.

I’ve gone to a few launch parties in the past for Madden, as well as for the Wii. Needless to say when your in the back, you miss out on most of the free gifts and most of the fun, but when your in the front (camped 5 days for the Wii) you get simply have a better time. In the end, it’s just a 3DS and all of us will have one some day. Still, you have to admire Triforce’s resolve.

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