Nintendo is slowly getting better at this whole “online gaming and shopping” experience. Sure, it’s still no Xbox Live, but it’s definitely a major improvement over any other Nintendo online system. Outside of the fact we have learned that while friend codes are still used it’s just one per system (which, with that in mind, is no different then adding a friend through Xbox Live where you need to know his username), they have really improved the entire shopping experience. You can preview a lot of games you are thinking of buying through the channel, and can get quick fix easy access to some great classic games, like Super Mario World or some Donkey Kong Country. Sure, in this sense it’s the same system the Wii has for downloading games, but it’s nice to see it fully functional in this video. Overall, count me impressed.

Oh, and hop inside for some footage showing off how the 3DS can multi task, including suspending games to look at your friends list or jot down some notes, then getting right back into it.

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