Treehouse showed off quite a bit of the Breath of the Wild 1st DLC Pack. Enemies seem to team up against Link in Master Mode, as Sky Octorocs could be seen grouped together in a face off against Link. The players also spent some of the armor that comes with the DLC, such as the Tingle outfit and the Phantom armor. They also spent some time playing with the various masks that are included with the DLC, such as the Korok Mask, which shakes when a Korok is near, and Majora’s Mask, which is a replica.

Treehouse also displayed the Hero’s Path, which records up to 200 hours of gameplay. Treehouse mentioned that others’ paths have been different so far. Hero’s Path also marks where Link dies and plays a  death sound effect when the player hovers over the X.

Finally, Nintendo Treehouse played through some stages of the Trial of the Sword, which takes Link back to when he got the Master Sword, stripped of all food, clothing, and weapons. The trial consists of 45 doors, and if a player successfully completes the trial, then the Master Sword will always glow. The Trial of the Sword can be accessed in both Normal and Master mode. Trial rooms can be raided after clearing enemies out of the room for materials. Sets of rooms are unlocked at once, and players can jump to different sections. However, when a jump is made, it appears as though Link loses his gear again. Environments within the rooms vary, and Treehouse showed off a wind environment and a forest environment. Sometimes chests and puzzle elements are found in the challenge rooms. When Link dies during the Trial of the Sword, he loses all of his equipment, but the challenge of the trial is fun, according to Treehouse.

At the end of their time with Breath of the Wild, they displayed the Champion amiibo. While not wanting to spoil much of the Ballad of the Campions DLC, they said that you will need the Champion amiibo to have the fullest experience with the DLC.

Source: Nintendo Treehouse

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