Nintendo Labo is set to release in just a few short weeks with a target date of April 20th. When it was announced back in January, we asked the viewers What Utility Can Nintendo Labo Bring to the Legend of Zelda? Well today it looks like we have that answer.

In a newly released teaser trailer, it shows the re-creation of the Rollgoal Mini-game from Twilight Princess, using Nintendo Labo. Rollgoal was found in Hena’s Fishing Hole and it was a surprisingly bulky addition, featuring 64 small levels where Link need to roll a marble through a small maze into the goal, very much like the classic arcade game, Marble Madness. The quick teaser trailer showed us one small and simple map, but with the amount of content available from Twilight Princess, it’s safe to assume we will likely get some more extensive roll goal expansion packs in the future.

You can check out the teaser trailer above or view it over on YouTube.

Stay tuned for more information on Nintendo Labo as it will be launching in just three short weeks.

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