Nintendo has released its most recent financial report, which gives readers further insight into their hardware and software numbers. As of March 31th, 2022, the Nintendo Switch family (Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch – OLED Model, and Nintendo Switch Lite) has sold a total of 107.64 million units. The Switch is putting some distance between itself and the Nintendo Wii, which sold a total of 101.63 million units. The next big milestone will be the Game Boy, which sold a total of 118.69 million units. It still remains to be seen whether the Nintendo Switch can ultimately surpass that number, let alone the gigantic hardware numbers of the Nintendo DS (154.02 million units).

Overall, while the Nintendo Switch numbers continue to rise, the year-on-year Nintendo Switch sales have decreased by around 20%. Year-over-year growth compares a period of time to the same period of time twelves months before the current time period. Taking in mind the general age of the Nintendo Switch and the relative lack of massive blockbuster games this year, this year-on-year decrease is not too surprising. Nintendo also cited a shortage of semiconductor components and other parts as an issue that affected these sales numbers. It will be interesting to see what effect future games like Splatoon 3 and the sequel to Breath of the Wild (which is listed as a Spring 2023 title) could have on Nintendo Switch hardware sales.

In terms of video game sales numbers, Nintendo revealed that Breath of the Wild is still in the Nintendo’s Switch top 5 highest selling games. The 2017 game has now sold a total of 26.55 million copies, up from the previously reported 25.80 million. Breath of the Wild is currently  When keeping in mind the fact that Breath of the Wild is over five years old, it is pretty impressive that the game continues to increase its total sales numbers. The financial report also notes that Skyward Sword HD has sold a total of 3.9 million copies, up from the previously reported 3.6 million copies.

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Source: Nintendo (via Nintendo Life (1, 2), Stealth 40k)

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