It seems Nintendo’s biggest rival in the month of August was Marvel’s Spider-Man, the highly anticipated game recently released for the PlayStation 4 console. Sony’s latest comic book-inspired blockbuster had a lot of gamers excited, drawing many eyes to their side of the console market. So naturally, the Big N, not known for sitting idle in the face of competition, raised its focus on TV advertising in comparison to the month of July.

According to, Nintendo has spent approximately 6.2$ million in the month of August on 11 commercials airing over 3,200 times, as opposed to the roughly 5.8$ million spent in July. These airings netted Nintendo with 395.5 million impressions on networks such as Adult Swim, Nick Toons and Comedy Central.

And Sony? They’re sitting a little further back this time around, with roughly 3.9$ million spent on one ad: “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Gameplay Launch Trailer“, airing on almost the same networks as Nintendo. That ad, with only 792 airings, managed to nab 294.5 million impressions. Without a killer app of its own on Nintendo Switch in August, it seems Nintendo was doing all it could to combat Spider-Man.

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