I don’t know about you, but where I live there’s a lot of snow on the ground. It’s frigid outside, and leaving the house without a coat is a no-no. The same can be said for Link in the latest Breath of the Wild screenshot from Nintendo, which they posted on the official Facebook page for The Legend of Zelda. It looks like he’s trying to warm himself by a fire, and perhaps take a rest in the makeshift tent next to the fire place.

The frozen mountain to the right of Link looks pretty slippery. Perhaps he’ll have to find another way up if he wants to take advantage of the gorgeous view. He could para-glide form a higher peak, but maybe it’s not a great idea to do so in the freezing altitude. Who knows, maybe he’ll pull some ice climbing gear out of his inventory. Regardless, let us know what you think of this screenshot in the comments below.

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