We posted just three days ago about the Zelda Prepaid Cards heading to Europe and today we have a new pair cards heading to Australia. Two cards in particular can be seen to the left, the first of which is worth $15 and features Mario, while the second is worth $30 and features Link. The Zelda card has official artwork of Link from the original Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past, and Ocarina of Time. You can pickup these eShop cards in Australia over at EB Games, Dick Smith, and GAME. For those of you in New Zealand, these cards are available for purchase in EB Games for you as well.

I imagine most people probably pick up these types of cards since they do not want to have to use their credit card information when purchasing eShop goodies. While that is their primary purpose, I would buy these things just for their collectible purposes. I don’t buy much at all on the eShop as I’m a collector and prefer buying the original copies of the games, but i would totally buy these cards just to have them on my shelf with the rest of my Zelda collection.

Do you think these are nice collectible items? Would you buy them for your Zelda collection? Let us know by posting in the comments below.

Source: Nintendo of Australia via GoNintendo

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