There are always opportunities for you to put together something that represents your love or passion for your favorite thing. In the land of the Zelda fandom that would be anything ranging from plushies, papercraft, your own custom cosplay, etc. What we’re looking at today is the one item that can stop creatures that have saved us countless times…from escaping.

The DIY project we’re looking at shows how to make your own custom fairy in a jar. This crafts-work comes to us from cinnamoniboni, who’s known for her love of everything Nintendo. In order to essentially make an annoying Navi in a jar, first you’ll need semi-transparent paper, thick paper, scissors, scotch tape, glue, battery-powered fairy lights, and of course an empty jar.

Next you’ll need to make a rough measure of how much semi-transparent paper you’ll need by rolling up the jar in said paper and mark where you need to start cutting. Once the measurements for the cover of the jar are set, then start carefully placing the glue along the outside part of the jar. Afterwards, lightly brush the glue around the surface.

After you are done with that, take the semi-transparent paper you snipped out and put it along the outside of the jar. Now take your thick sheet of paper, draw your best Zelda-style fairy, and then cut it out. Set that inside the jar using a bit of glue. Finally, put the fairy lights on the inside of the jar, using scotch tape to keep them in place, put the lid on top and you are done.

The most expensive item looks to be the fairy lights, but other than that, the rest looks remotely inexpensive to purchase. What do you think of this Zelda DIY craft? Are there any other DIY projects inspired by the Zelda series that you personally like? Let us know in the comments below!

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