The functionality of amiibo with games other than Super Smash Bros. for Wii U has been less than obvious, but the official amiibo website has updated with new information of how certain amiibo will interact with other games. The one we care about most is Hyrule Warriors, and there is a very good description of what different amiibo will do.

As we already knew, tapping the Link amiibo will give you the spinner item from Twilight Princess, but if you tap the Zelda figure once a day, you will receive a weapon ranked 3 stars or above. For amiibo that aren’t Link or Zelda, you can tap them in for an item ranked 3 stars or under, a rupee bonus, or crafting material bonuses.

This is super exciting to hear and I can’t wait to get a Zelda figure for the extra bonuses. It’s really cool to see that other amiibo that aren’t linked directly to The Legend of Zelda are being implemented into this game, yet again helping to validate the price of these figures, not to mention extending the life of Hyrule Warriors. Will you be getting back into it once the first wave of amiibo release this Friday? What do you think of these bonuses?

Source: Official Amiibo Website

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