Former Nintendo employees Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang revealed that an important executive at the company believed Breath of the Wild’s 2016 E3 debut would be a failure. Around 25:00 in the latest episode of the pair’s podcast, they explained that this executive — who was of “great importance” such that Reggie Fils-Aimé would have trusted him — felt the demo was boring because it amounted to running around in the grass with a stick, lacking much action or a climax. Ellis summed up the his sentiments as implying, “brace yourselves because this E3 is going to bomb,” with Yang adding he made the team feel they would be “laughed out of the room.”

The duo also set the scene regarding how stressful the lead-up to E3 is at Nintendo, and noted the decision to make Breath of the Wild the exclusive featured game in 2016 was a surprising one. This placed a lot of pressure on the title, and provides the context in which the executive’s statements were made. In addition to being worried that players would be bored with the demo, he was concerned that the game’s graphics weren’t good enough. The pair suspected that issue was in comparison to PlayStation graphics, which they admitted it likely could not stand up to but that it stood out in its own way. 

Finally, they discussed how even though the rest of the team was optimistic about the title upon playing the demo, and history since the game’s release has proven gamers very much connected with it, the executive has not yet admitted he was wrong. 

If you recognize Ellis and Yang, it is likely because they used to host Nintendo Minute on Nintendo’s YouTube channel, but left the company earlier this year. Kit Ellis was Senior Manager of Public Relations and Krysta Yang a Public Relations Manager before exiting from their roles. They now host a podcast together called Kit & Krysta, which is where they dropped this bombshell. 

Are you shocked that the executive (whose identity Ellis and Yang kept confidential) was this worried about how Breath of the Wild would be perceived? Do you think his concerns were understandable? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Kit & Krysta

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