Nintendo Europe 3DS Event

Today, NintendoEurope is holding a press event and the star of the show is the 3DS. You can watch the event live here. The presenters are discussing everything from features on the new machine to new games. Tune in for the amazing game trailers.

The event so far has been interesting and telling. Here’s some of the things we’ve learned so far:

-The 3DS will come in Black or Blue
-The 3DS will cost $249.99 in North America, and prices aren’t set in Europe.
-The 3DS will be released in North America on March 27 and March 25 in Europe.
-Nintendo plans to have a steady stream of Gameboy and Gameboy Color games on the 3DS’s e-shop/virtual console.
-The 3DS will have pre-loaded games including the new Face Raiders.
-The 3DS is capable of taking pictures.
-The 3DS will have a web browser and video capability with a future software update.

Only a small mention of Ocarina of Time 3DS has been made. It was simply stated that it’s been “remastered” with all new “updated graphics.”

It’s funny that Skyward Sword was rumored to be released on the same day, but as it turns out it will be the debut of the 3DS. Here at Zelda Dungeon we’ll continue to keep you updated on this news throughout the event.

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