Tomorrow we’re getting a surprise Nintendo Direct happening world wide that will feature titles for the Wii U and 3DS. For those curious, the above times are for the North American version, while Europe is getting theirs at 11pm (10pm in the UK) and Japan at 7am. I believe if my math is correct that means this direct will be airing at the exact same time world wide… and we only have to look at history to understand that sort of significance. Generally when they do a world wide Nintendo Direct that isn’t game specific it’s something to be excited about – especially today when they have only had one other Nintendo Direct like this in 2014 (where as, they use to have a handful a year).

I can guarantee we are going to get another glimpse at their Holiday lineup, which is small but packed with bigger titles, from Pokemon and Smash Bros. to Captain Toad. They might even mention recently released Bayonetta 2 just to generate some more buzz for the title. However, given their lineup is so small there are other things we could potentially be looking at. Could the Wii U and/or 3DS be getting a price drop this holiday? We are likely going to see some 2015 titles – which ones will be included? Obviously we here at Zelda Informer are really hoping for a true Zelda U trailer versus the combination type ordeal we got at E3.

Occasionally these world wide directs are also used to announce new titles, but at this point I find it hard to imagine that will occur given all the games they already have slated for 2015 they could advertise. I could see them talking about a new console bundle for Smash for the holidays and how with the titles already available and those coming in 2015, now is the time to buy a Wii U. On the 3DS front, don’t expect to hear about the New 3DS – this is a worldwide direct and one of those major regions already has it. It is far more likely we hear about it in a potential spring Direct.

What do you think? I know we’re going to get overly excited just because of how rare these all encompassing Directs are now and because we know there is a chance Zelda U will be there. What do you think we’ll get? Be sure tune in to ZI tomorrow to check if there is any Zelda coverage, or our friends over at Gamnesia for most everything else.

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