The Nintendo Switch Online service has been updated recently, specifically adding four new titles to its roster of NES games. Among these titles is an easier version of The Legend of Zelda, headlined as “The Legend of Zelda, Living the Life of Luxury.” Players of this version will begin a new quest with 255 Rupees, 9 keys, 8 bombs, and a hoard of other items, including the White Sword and Blue Ring. It seems the goal of this release is to bring new players into the fray with an easier version of an old classic. But for those who prefer the original, fret not, as it is being released as its own separate title.

I think the release of an easy version of Zelda is a good tactic. The original game has none of the modern conveniences gamers have come to expect from the series, such as towns with villagers who might give hints, a partner character to help guide the player, and so forth. In fact, several players I’ve met personally have been frustrated with the game, as things seem to be placed randomly according to them. An easier version would serve to at least lessen some of the harshness and could give the game a new life.

What do you think of this update? Do you plan to introduce new fans to the franchise through this? Let us know down below!

Source: VG247

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