That might possibly be the most headlines I have squeezed into one title in my entire time of posting at this site. That being said, some of you may have noticed some quirky things happening tonight around ZI. Something unexplained caused the site index to spit out a blank white page, and while we are looking into the cause we simply didn’t want to keep the site down for the hours it would take to figure it out. Thus, the entire server was sent back 24 hours.

What this means for you is next to nothing – all comments have been recovered and most of the news and articles should be back soon if they aren’t already. Thank you google cache. Of course, if you’re a member of the forums… yeah sorry. Whatever was posted in the last 24 hours is gone. Life moves on, and as such so will this news post. I have plenty to talk to you about this evening. From Pre-E3 hype to Link’s Awakening placing in a unique top list, and then topping it all off with a chance to win a Wii 2, 3DS, and other great gaming prizes this summer.

E3 is a mere 2 days and some hours away, and as such the hype meter continues to rise. While news in general is dead right now, that doesn’t mean that the fan base will stop talking about what we’re about to witness. Many of you are sick of hearing rumors, because the more you hear of them the more we could all be set up for disappointment. Lets face it, there is no way all of the rumors can be true – because if they are this will be the greatest E3 in the history of the entire gaming industry, and that is only counting Nintendo’s conference. As a Nintendo based site we do tend to over hype things a bit, and of course if Zelda is involved watch out.

Still, it’s fun to at least discuss the possibilities right? E3 is right around the corner, and we’ll be there to do live and exclusive coverage you will only find at Zelda Informer.

Link’s Awakening Nabs Some Spotlight

As I was digging around the net for something to tie into this Night Cap post, I came across a top list at Dorkly that I didn’t expect to see. They pondered what the “top 8 beach levels” in video game history are, and somehow Zelda managed to nab a spot on that list. Link’s Awakening gets compared to Lost, and chimes in at #6:

If Zelda games were TV shows, Link’s Awakening would definitely be LOST. The entire game takes place on an island full of mysterious characters and secret chambers, all of which may or may not actually exist. It opens with Link being shipwrecked on Toronbo Shores, the quiet, Octorok-infested beachfront of Koholint Island. Much like LOST, the island seems normal at first, until you notice the banana stand run by a talking alligator and the giant speckled egg sitting on top of the mountain. Fortunately for us, the ending to Link’s Awakening is much more satisfying than it’s television equivalent, as it contains 100% more cosmic dream whales.

Win a Wii 2, 3DS, and lots of Games:

The real reason you’re even checking out this night cap, of course, is to win free stuff right? Well, thanks to our newly formed partnership with Raptr, I’m proud to announce a very simple giveaway, which is naturally meant to encourage you all to join Raptr. Hey, it’s actually a great place to be. Still, all you have to do is “follow” one of the categories they have listed on this page to enter for a chance to win. Seriously, it’s that easy. Prizes range from a Wii 2, 3DS, PS3, and Xbox 360 to the top 20 games revealed at E3. It’s a great contest, and because it’s free I highly suggest you take advantage while you still can. While your there, be sure to follow ZeldaInformer.

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