I’m still alive! I know it’s been months since you’ve seen me!

Lazard Capital Markets’ Colin Sebastian believes that a 2009 release of

the next Zelda installment would be likely to happen, as it would help

boost game sales.

“In a note to investors this morning, Lazard Capital Markets’ Colin

Sebastian listed a slate of 22 games that could potentially help drive

a 5 percent growth in game sales for 2009. In addition to heavily

anticipated titles like Resident Evil 5 and Starcraft II, Sebastian

included a new Princess Peach adventure, and an as-yet unannounced

Zelda game.”


Sebastian may be in a marketing business, but we haven’t heard much at all about the next game, not to mention Nintendo’s habit of delaying anticipated games. Anything is possible I guess.

I must apologize for my recent extended absense caused by the end of the semester, practice, etc. I hope and intend to be around more often especially in the next couple of weeks!

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