Our friends over at GenGAME have been busy doing some detective work and they noticed something rather interesting. As the title implies, the #1 complaint about the graphical overhaul for The Wind Waker seems to have been dialed back just a bit at this point from its E3 showing. Want to see just how big the difference is?

Above: E3 2013 Below: August 2013

In addition to bloom reductions, the HUD has also seemingly shrunk. It is notable, however, that we have yet to see screenshots of the game running on the GamePad, or at least confirmed screenshots of such an event. The GamePad does tend to lower the brightness of games down, so this could be a comparison of the game running on the TV to the GamePad. However, since none of the screenshots were labeled as GamePad specific, it’s safe to assume this is a direct TV comparison of improvements over time.

Source: GenGAME

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