As if confirmation that a new Zelda title is ever truly needed, it can

be reassuring at times to hear it brought up in recent times as a

reminder to all that a new game is on the horizon. That being said, I

can officially tell you all that a new Zelda title is in the works.


There have been a couple quotes lately that have mentioned a new zelda title, and of course anytime there is quotes about a new Zelda title speculation must begin immediately.

Miyamoto, in a roundtable discussion with Game Informer talked about a lot of things, and briefly brought up a new Zelda title. According to the round up of the discussion, Miyamoto stated he did not forget that they need to keep making Zelda games. Although rather brief and too the point, it as least can put to rest any doubters that thought Zelda may have been put on the back burner for a couple years.

Alas, that is not enough to convince you? Alright, well Denise Kaigler, NOA’s VP of Corporate Affairs, had this to say in a recent IGN Interview:

…Wii is still less than two years old. Mr. Iwata announced at E3 that

the Mario and Zelda teams are working on new games for Wii, and Mr.

Miyamoto announced that he’s working on a new Pikmin game.

There you have it. Is this really anything new? I think we all were well aware a new Zelda title was in the works, but it at least reconfirms the commitment level that the Zelda franchise still has for any of those who have begun to waver over the lack of any news on the Zelda front. So, what sort of speculation can start over this? I suppose we should start debating about when Nintendo will officially annouce the new Zelda. That sounds like a great place to start.

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