In addition to a second trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, this year’s E3 also brought us the announcement of an announcement of a Wii Zelda title sometime during next year, which would have to make this our announcing of an announced announcement. I guess Nintendo consulted Xzibit to oversee their showcase this year.

During a small roundtable at the event, Shigeru Miyamoto told us that while there won’t be any Wii Zelda at this year’s E3, he hopes to give us something more next year, and even brought along a piece of concept art with him to prove stuff was actually being worked on. According to reports, it depicted an older version of Link—late teen or early adult, depending on who you ask—and a woman garbed in a blue dress, who in all likelihood is Princess Zelda. Miyamoto also mentioned that he would love for the game to include Wii MotionPlus for swordplay, archery, and the like.


We’ll keep you posted with any further developments.

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