Ocarina of Time 3d Screenshot

These new screenshots were shown just recently by Eiji Aonuma during a Famitsu Ocarina of Time 3D live-stream event. He showed off Hyrule Field, and more notably because we have some screenshots – The Water Temple and Forest Temple. Notable things include a close look at the “lines” or squiggles on the Water Temple walls, leading to spots where the water levels can be changed.

Then we see an adult Ruto, who kind of looks younger than in the original.As for the Forest Temple, all we see are some vines and scenery from in the first room. Read on for the screenshots, and for an update on Nintendo of America’s “Quest” for more screenshots..

On Nintendo of America’s quest for screenshots we posted yesterday, well they’ve recently tweeted that they’re not releasing the screenshots until they get 1000 more Twitter followers. Looks like they’re ripping off our Facebook competition, just with a much less worthwhile prize. Tweets follow:

Here’s your Zelda QUEST assignment: Help us reach 1,000 new followers and we’ll tweet special screenshots. Let’s do this!

We can do it! Only 792 more followers to go until we give YOU the images you’ve been waiting for!

Click the thumbnails below to look at the full size screenshots:

Source: Nintendo Everything and Twitter

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