It seems that lately the talk about Zelda has really hit an all time high. Not only has the Wii art inspired new theories, discussions, and excitement, but with Spirit Tracks around the corner conversations are truly spurring at record paces. Now the tale of another Zelda-related

title has been leaked to the public. While the previous Tingle game

never made it stateside, it never the less confirms that those damn

Japs just can’t get enough of our old man in tights.

tingle.pngFamitsu magazine is well known in the Zelda community for leaking information about Zelda titles not yet talked about in the states, and this time they provided the image above. The text about Tingle says “Fairy?”, and the Japanese Nintendo site presently has nothing to say on the matter.

There was a second Tingle game technically released for Japanese Club Nintendo members back in 2007, so this may be nothing more but a public release of that title. Of course, this is Nintendo, and as always we know better then to try and tell people what they are thinking. Personally, whenever I hear about Tingle I can only think of this:


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