Oh Square Enix, someone must of gotten in trouble. The artwork to the left was unveiled on Facebook for a few hours last week before quickly being removed and all mentioning of “Heroes of Ruin” vanished. Apparently, they were not ready to actually unveil the game and someone jumped the gun. One assumes the title is meant to be unveiled at E3 and will likely contain some sort of trailer. Apparently Nintendo Power will be shedding some light onto what exactly this game is in the near future (as in, likely next month’s Nintendo Power), but supposedly there are some details already leaked out.

The game’s 4 main characters are apparently mercenaries, and the game features drop in and drop out co-op play with voice chat support. Supposedly it’s a 4 player game with tons of customizable weapons, armor, and abilities. Again, this is information supposedly leaked from a future issue of Nintendo Power, so take it for what it’s worth. Either way, the game is coming out on the 3DS eventually, and one has to wonder why Square Enix decided to take down the information and art so fast. This is the internet, the moment it was posted they had to have known they couldn’t hide it anymore. Here’s hoping we find out more at E3.

Source: Destructoid

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